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Subclass 114/838 Aged Dependent Relative Visa

About the Aged Dependent Relative Subclass 114 & 838 Permanent Visa.

The subclass 114 Aged Dependent Relative visa is a permanent residence visa which must be applied for from outside Australia. The subclass 838 Aged Dependent Relative visa is a permanent residence visa which must be applied for from inside Australia.

These visas are for older applicants who rely on an eligible relative living in Australia to provide them with financial support. Applicants must be sponsored by the relative on whom they are financially dependent or the spouse or de facto partner of their relative.

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What is financial dependency for the purposes of the Subclass 114 & 838 Aged Dependant Relative visas?

To be considered an aged dependant relative an applicant must be:

  • Old enough to be granted the Australian aged pension
  • Not married or in a de facto relationship
  • Able to demonstrate that they have been wholly or substantially dependant on their relative in Australia for financial support for their basic needs,
  • of food,
  • shelter and, clothing
  • for a period of at least three years immediately before lodging the application for the visa.

The sponsoring relative or relative's partner must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Usually reside in Australia and have done so for the past two years,
  • An Australian citizen, permanent resident or Eligible New Zealand citizen. (An eligible New Zealand citizen is a New Zealand citizen who was living in Australia on 26 February 2001 or for at least one year in the two years immediately before 26 February 2001)
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