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We Run All Kinds Of Immigration Services

Australian Express Migration solutions is one of the largest and most experienced team of Registered Migration Agents in Australia.

We have a wealth and depth of knowledge of Australian migration law and strategy you simply won’t find in smaller migration firms or one person businesses. We have had thousands of Australian visas granted for our clients and we have also enabled employers to successfully nominate local and overseas foreign workers. Our success rate is exceptional and our clients are happy – see what they say here.

You can rely on us wherever you are if you want to migrate to Australia. We have clients all over the world and in all parts of Australia.

We specialize solely in Australian migration including visa applications, employer migration issues, visa appeals and Australian citizenship applications. We are also pioneers in new company start ups and sponsored visa options available to company owners.

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Want To Migrate To Australia?

Unsure about which australian visa is best or
how to apply?

Australian express migration solutions will provide you with the best possible outcomes.

We are recognised by our clients as experts in Australian migration, providing up to date, innovative, complete and customized solutions to your individual and business migration problems. We pride ourselves in “thinking outside the box”, often coming up with solutions others haven’t thought of.


We Are Experts In
Australian Migration

We have lodged thousands of visa, sponsorship, nomination and other applications on behalf of companies, families and individuals and we have an enviable success rate. We have significant experience in new company setups and the sponsorship and nomination opportunities that arise as a consequence of setting up a new company.

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Anticipate smart Australian migration solutions others haven’t considered. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that we are adept at dealing with the Department of Immigration, anticipating its demands, navigating its policy and advocating on your behalf. We will fight for your rights!
Be confident that we know exactly how it feels to go through the immigration maze. All of us are migrants, and we haven’t forgotten how stressful the whole thing can be. We are from Ireland, India, China, UK, South Africa and New Zealand. We speak your language.
No matter whether you are an individual or a family wanting to migrate to this amazing country or a corporate employer needing to sponsor or relocate employees, expect masterly, caring service from our team of specialist migration professionals.